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Learner's Diary 21.11.2007

Summary: Unfortunately, I was not able to attend this lesson.



A morpheme is the smallest meaningful part of a word.

-lexical morpheme:

The smallest unit in the grammar of a language which has a lexical meaning (e.g. boy, girl, car,... ) .It is also called content morpheme or root. Moreover, there is an open set of them, which means that the number is not limited.

-grammatical morpheme:
The smallest unit in the grammar of a language which has a grammatical meaning, hence grammatical morphemes are also called structural morphemes.
It is a closed set with a limited number, but it is important to differentiate between free and bound grammatical morphemes. Free morphemes are for instance prepositions, conjunctions or auxiliary, whereas bound morphemes are suffixes and affixes (in the context of word formation and inflection).

A stem is either a root (a lexical morpheme), a derived stem (i.e. stem and a derivational affix) or a compound stem (a stem consisting of two or even more stems). A stem does not allow inflectional affixes.

-derived stem:
a derived stem consists of a stem and at least one derivational affix. However, a derived stem can also be a root that underwent zero-derivation.

-compound stem:
a word consisting of two or more stems, i.e.
-a derived stem or a word + a derived stem or a word OR:
- a compound stem + a compound stem

What is the difference between inflection and derivation?
Inflection involves the addition of new linguistic information (e.g. tense or person), while derivation changes the word class by the addition of affixes to a stem.

What is the difference between derivation and compounding?
Derivation includes the addition of affixes (bound morphemes) to a stem in order to create a new word, whereas compounding describes the process of putting two stems/free morphemes together in order to build a new word.

Collect 5 longish words and
-divide them into morphemes:

antisocialism: *anti*social*ism
antidisestablishmentarianism: *anti*dis*establish*ment*arian*ism
unfrightening: *un*fright*en*ing
ownership: *own*er*ship
speechlessness: *speech*less*ness

-show construction of a word from their stems as tree diagrams:


Unfortunately, I was not able to attend this lecture.

30.11.07 19:06

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