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Learner's Diary 28.11.2007

Summary: Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the lecture.


Find at least 20 simple words:
-dog, cat, tree, man, woman, boy, girl, thing, road, free, luck, plan, paper, chair, table, sand, beach, water, room, class

Find at least 20 complex words:
-girlfriend, boyfriend, roommate, classroom, teacher, boys, girls, structural, phonology, morphology, government, determination, cell-phone, infiltration, humanity, freedom, lampshade, bathroom, timetable, reading

Which of them are similar?
girlfriend, boyfriend: both are compound nouns
girls, boys: both underwent the same kind of inflection
phonology, morphology: both underwent the same kind of derivation
classroom, bathroom: both are compound nouns

Can you find a relation between some of your simple words and some of your complex words?
Some complex words consist of two of the simple words (thus, they are compound nouns, like classroom, for instance), others consist of one of the simple words and an additional affix (girls, boys).

Make a list of 20 free morphemes:
-tree, fish, lamp, door, kitchen, piano, dish, tall, pig, ball, radio, mouth, lip, shirt, skirt, saw, mother, father, hole, answer, talk

Find bound morphemes:
-ing, -ed, -s, -ish, -ly, -ness, -ize, un-, de- dis-, in-, ir-, re-

Find other compounds in English with a head that is a
-noun: football, timetable, road-trip
-verb: heart-broken, lip-reading, highlight
-adjective: ice-cold, reloaded, misleading

Find other compounds in English with a modifier that is a
-noun: heart-breaking, God-given, shock therapy
-verb: drive-through, drive-in, lead singer
-adjective: good-looking, far-reached, wide-open
-preposition: outbreak, income, upstairs

Select of the following parts of speech 3 of each:
-verbs: talk, sleep, watch
-nouns: girl, book, man
-adjectives: dark, cold, low

Derive as many words as possible from them!
watch: watch (noun), watches (plural noun + 3rd person singular simple present), watched, watching
talk: the talk (zero-morpheme), talks (plural noun + 3rd person singular simple present), talking, talked, talker, talkable, talkability
sleep: sleep (noun), slept, sleepful, sleeplike, asleep, sleeps, sleeping, sleepy
girl: girls, girlfriend, girlhood, girly, girlish, girlishness,
book: books, bookish, bookless, booklike, booking, bookshelf, booker
man: manly, unmanly, manhood, manless, manlessly, manlessness, manness, manned, manning, mankind
dark: darken, darker, darkest, darkish, darkly, darkness, darkened
cold: cold (noun), colder, coldest, coldish, coldly, coldness
low: lower, lowest, lowish, lowness

Evaluation: Unfortunately, I was not able to attend this lecture.

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